Scorching peace

In search for peace,

i wandered strange places,

overlooked my home.

i trusted stranger faces,

made castles with foam


i strolled around dark alleys,

walked till my feet were sore

i talked till my teeth fell out,

stalked and did some more


All in search for peace

i lazed around and swore

Walking spiral paths alone

i followed a wild boar (bore)


All i could do was adore,

for everything a reason

All you could do was abhor,

summers end with a rainy season.


In a town,

a summer has ended,

winter winds await.

For sun will shine anew,

and rain will fall again


What if this sun,

with a thousand degree burn,

houses a warmth pristine,

that purifies the dark,

peels off the bark and

show the inside,



But what if your scorching sun,

isn’t the only scorching one?


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