Courtesy: Pixabay

Trying to realise dreams. Trying to imbibe positivity. Trying to convert thoughts into actions. Trying and trying. If you try long enough decide to not quit, you might succeed. Even a minuscule victory acts as a confidence booster. But if you fail, the weight is crushing. If you put in an unprecedented effort and still suffer a setback, then no matter how much they try and pacify you, the wound never heals.

You start off with a clear resolve in mind, “I will prove my mettle in front of the whole wide world. I will do this, do that, gain respect, earn money, solve problems!” Their anticipation gets up high. They put their trust in you. They make you their ship that carries their hope. You are ready to be that ship, confident. You invest your all, unflinching, not even a speck of negativity in your psyche, not even for a second.

You climb high up the ladder of expectations and just as you reach the top rung, the ladder is gone. Poof!

You get a bit startled and look down to confirm where your feet are. You find no support and like that coyote from the Looney tunes, you fall. Now this is not your typical fall. There is no air current that caresses your body as you are falling, this is no great experience. How can it be? Defeat, irritation, frustration that stems out of failure is a deep set pain.

The fall is endless. The pit is endless.

The ladder of hope used to be very long. But after taking the fall, there is nothing but despair and sympathy all around, with a tinge of pity, even mockery. You seem lost and distant. You are now broken.

Now starts the journey of your rise. Either enjoy this letdown and get used to it since sympathetic words are always the sweetest, or make a promise; a blood promise: That you will try again, harder. No matter what happens, you will grit your teeth and go forth. You will get up after taking a beating, like a hero, like a sportsman. You will have that look. One which can send chills down every spectator’s spine. You will turn a fall into flight.

You have to try and try again. Fall, to rise again. The sky is the limit. There is no sweet without the bitter. Even if there is, it isn’t as good.



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