Courtesy: Pixabay

Once again, the motorcycle has more people than one. Once again, the conversations include cars, women and bodybuilding. Once again, the definition of assets has changed and once again, a drink isn’t needed for the emotions to overflow. Once again, money shortage is a joint venture, as is the surplus liquor management. For once, the competitive spirit is positive, not political.

As insults become routine, they grow friendlier, uglier and the only thing that decreases is the level of discomfort. There are no promises, there is no bond. There is nothing, but a dream of bright future and lasting fun-days. There are shitfaced mornings and alcohol laden nights but there isn’t any regret. Once again the most obtuse of jokes are galore but this time they actually seem worth a laugh.

The cool kids on the block return every day, in different places, with different fans, with multiple followers. They are there; if you can look closer. Once again, the kids are born and this time their powers have increased manifold. Why you ask? The answer is simple. As the smoke rises, as the fuel burns and as dreams are cultivated, camaraderie intensifies.


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