Lebensmüde Diaries (Part 1)

There is a limit. There has to be for everything under the sun. If we remove the limiters, who knows what all we may face! All the limits were created for a reason. We know that reason because we are the ones who created the limits and barriers in the first place, but we are afraid to divulge. There are questions, thousands of them, swarming, all around the place. How long can you live? How long will you last? How far would you go? If you are left completely alone, how much time would you take to break completely? Do you know how loneliness feels? You do know how it feels.

You know it when in a room full of people, you feel alone. When surrounded by a myriad of voices, all you hear is a soundless silence. When beneath all your allusions, there are references to nothing but gloom. And you know it when at the end of the day, as you remove a mask, look at your reflection in the mirror, all you see are empty holes, where your eyes used to be. All you see is nothingness, emptiness, silence.



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