Lebensmüde Diaries (Part 3)

With every passing second, you are aging. With every second, you are going there: to the Promised Land. You already have a ticket, you had it when you were born. It was given to you when you didn’t even have a concept of living, dying and all that is beyond. You can find it, just check behind your name. The entry ticket to different lands resides in different names. It is also the cause of conflict. Numerous soldiers of fortune die unfortunate because their leaders want to assert supremacy. You might think you are free, leaderless, ‘on your own’; but you are not. Every step you take, every impulse you act upon is being closely watched by someone.

And when you least expect it, doom will strike you. You may put yourself under heavy armor, you may employ the sharpest of weapons or the fiercest of warriors at your service. No matter how well you conduct yourself or protect yourself. No matter how much you feed your shadow; no matter how much you try: you can never avoid the ‘Breaking point’.



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