Pile of letters


Courtesy: aquasixio.deviantart.com/art/Long-message-service-266174261

I tore up my chest,

with my bare hands,

from the broken ribs,

pulled out my heart.

With the blood still inside,

and life slowly fading,

I wrote with trembling hands:

“I love you.”


About to die,

on willpower alone,

I summoned a pigeon,

sent her the note,

there was a throbbing hope,

in my decaying heart.


With my last ounce of life,

I could’ve done a lot.

Could’ve called a friend,

or carved a new tale,

or looked at my life,

flashing before my eyes.

Anything at all.


Instead i used it to smile,

to think about her face,

wished her all the luck.

Then i closed my eyes.

The end, i was no more.


The pigeon reached her,

she saw the bloody note.

Disgusted and confused,

still tried to decipher.

She was surprised to see

It was all mangled and bloody.

Then she read the words;

It said “I love you”

With a smile across her face,

she said ‘awww’

and threw it away.

In a pile of thousand other letters.


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