The Nice Guys (Film Review)


Courtesy: IMdb

This is a good film and a potential cult classic as they say. Right off the bat, it starts with an amazing scene. A boy, not more than 13 is looking at a semi naked picture of a woman. He seems happy and as he walks around his house in the silence of the night, a freaking car smashes his walls! Such shock. Much amaze. Wow! He goes out to investigate and finds a wounded naked woman. As you may have guessed, the woman is the same one from his picture. She says, “How do you like my car, big boy?” and dies. Scene over. Now the viewer knows he is in for a whole lot of awesomeness. Even the starting animations, the producers’ and studio logos are blended with a catchy background music.

After the first scene, we are treated to Russell Crowe’s majestic voice where he tells about his work. Things happen, which involve him putting on brass knuckles and punching another guy. Jackson Healy’s character established.


The second character is Holland March, played by the ever handsome Ryan Gosling. He, as always brings a distinct charm to the film. I will not spoil much of it but the film is terrific. There is this one scene not too far along in the film where Ryan tries to break in a bar by smashing the glass door with his fist. The glass smashes, but his wrist is badly cut. There is a whole lot of blood. It is hilarious, as is the moment when a nun asks him, “Are you willing to find God?” and he replies, in a confused state, “I am trying to find Amelia.”


Shane Black, whose Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of the films i like, has done a spectacular job here. After watching this film, the word equanimity will surely ring a bell in your ears. Each frame says something, and each dialogue means something. This is a collection of absurd events and comedic moments with a suspense thriller in the background. Also, the chemistry between the two lead actors is superb.


Watch it if you haven’t. Watch it again if you have.

P.S. I wanted to write a long and detailed review of the film, but i figured nobody has that sort of time. So, i kept it short. (Feedback and suggestions are welcome).



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