Sia- The greatest (Thoughts)


Courtesy: YouTube


I have watched a few of Sia’s videos like Elastic hearts and Cheap thrills in the past. I got to know about this one via 9gag or maybe in the suggested videos on youtube, I don’t remember clearly. I knew what this one was about and how talented Sia is, so I fairly expected it was going to be good. I was right.


Courtesy: YouTube


This one hits you like a tornado. It starts with the main girl painting rainbows on her cheeks and  goes on to show some of the best choreography i have ever seen. It moves you with the sheer simplicity and artistic vibes. The music is superb and along with the dark and striking visuals, makes you feel the agony of the victims. Sia’s voice is magic. In the end, the silence that the video uses, says the most words.


Courtesy: YouTube


School shootings, mass killings, and massacres like these are the worst crimes against humanity. I watched this film once, called ‘We need to talk about Kevin’, and after watching the end, I was horrified beyond belief. This video is way shorter than that film, but it basically wants to show the viewer the pain. The girl urges, she screams at the children to get up. She cries, she wails hard, but she (and the viewer) knows it is all in vain. My condolences are with everyone affected by the shootings.

Don’t give up.


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