The man in front





I know we will never meet.


Last time i saw you,

you were timid as a mouse.

Couldn’t speak or listen

a single word spoken.


Spring’s early morning,

before the burning summer

You sat on those stairs,

looking at your lap,

Head in book

Book in hand.

Never paid a heed,

to the man in front of you.


People came and went,

up, down and sideways,

you sat there unmoved,

physically and in mind.


I know why you were timid,

afraid like a mouse,

You wondered and worried,

about future, feels, and friendship


You questioned yourself

will i ever grow up?

will love happen to me?

will i too be like them?


but no one had an answer.


You were afraid to probe,

your fear of rejection

that’s why you never asked,

The man ahead of you.


He was older

He was better

full of knowledge and wit,

just how you wished to be,

just how you saw it fit.


He was golden

Slightly wiser

had all answers for you.

if only you lifted your head,

if only you could see through.


If only you waited,

Things would’ve been different

If only you knew

Things would’ve been better,


If only i knew you were right behind me

If only i knew we would never meet again.

If only there was

a way turn back time,

If only i reached you,

when there still was hope.


If that had happened,

you wouldn’t be so timid,

afraid like a mouse,

you’d be more like me.


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