Enough love has spilled in a Quarter Lifespan


Courtesy: aquasixio.deviantart.com/art/Come-September-11112464

All around me, are white silver people,

beautiful people, spotless smiles.

All around me, are bright lit candles,

beautiful candles, monotonous guile.


All same faces, every name same,

treachery in ingress, a terrified flame.

A man, a wife and two cotton balls,

a bottle, some tears, endless pitfalls.


All around me, an abyss is forming,

poison in stings, vile bees are storming.

Without the light, my feet are no use.

Without a fight, I give in, I lose.


When goodness feels choking,

when heart is bereaved,

when smiles aren’t as funny,

when ‘want’ becomes need,


Remember there’s someone,

always inside.

Never stops speaking,

right by your side.


This grandeur will blind you

Stop looking at the sun

These bee stings will choke you,

Don’t cry as you burn.


Your bullet riddled body,

lifeless, it shines

Sentenced for life,

for his violent crimes,


Start walking now; walk away while you can,

Enough love has spilled in a quarter lifespan.


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