The New Kid on the Block


The new kid on the block,

clueless of the works;

of love, of hate, of bonds,

of jobs, of payments, of perks.


The new kid on the block

addresses all as ‘Boss’,

walks with his head hung,

sits with his legs crossed.


Fidgets with pens, his hair

his messy untidy locks,

shivers with cold, with fear,

can’t buy new life, or socks.


Always between the lines,

he walks and says as told.

Always with head hung low,

he dreams to serve the bold.


The new kid on the block,

his ambitions, like horses, they ran

without virtue, discouraged, and shocked,

his pride, all gone in vain.


If ever he tries to look up,

like you, he does see the sky

but the color is a separate story,

it’s gray, as all clouds go by


In tatters, he shatters his own,

in tears, he fears the throne,

authority, his bane,

inferiority, his game,

The kid will not ever live long.


If you see him, pity him

But don’t empathize,

for the kid’s deaf as a post,

and blind in all his eyes.


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