Where dreams come to die (Part Two)


He was going to finish school that year. Although not exceptional in studies, he was an outstanding painter. He had won a number of inter-school painting competitions and even got second place in a national level one. He liked sketching, making abstract portraits with oil pastels, with various other colors. He had painted attractive art on the walls of his room. One could give him a canvas and any color, and he was sure to make an amazing piece of art with it. Thread, pencil, brushes, fountain pen, even his thumbs, everything was a means to paint. No matter what he created, it always turned out beautiful. He was gifted in the truest sense. He loved sketching portraits of her favorite little sister and she loved looking at them.

School was going great. He had a lot of friends. Rich kids always do. He had a girl he liked and she too reciprocated, in her own subtle, almost nonexistent way. He also played cricket and was strong, both physically and mentally. He wanted to become a world famous cricketer when he grew up. He had been blessed with good looks. The handsome fellow was tall and had sharp facial features. His affluent and comfort filled upbringing had helped him a lot. He revered his father and had a great bonding with his mother. He was polite and because of his introverted nature, rarely talked a lot. He preferred expressing himself with what he knew best. For him, his little sister and his family, life was good.

Then one day, he found a letter.

He was sitting alone on the back porch in his house, reading his favorite comics. When he got bored, he decided to take a quick stroll in the kitchen garden that followed. He roamed for a while. The garden wasn’t too big. It was about a hundred square meters in area. Covered with grass and a fair amount of potted plants, the square garden was the perfect place to sit and have an evening snack. Gur liked gardening and often helped his gardener. He knew which plant was potted where, when to water them and even their scientific names! As he looked around, a fuchsia colored flower caught his attention. He had seen this one for the first time in his life. He went near the peculiar flower and just beside it, found a black envelope.

He picked up the envelope, opened it and inside, found a letter. It was a plain, fluorescent A4 sized sheet folded twice. Opening up the neat folds, he found strange black scribbling on the paper. It was illegible. He was puzzled, but almost instinctively, folded the sheet again and put it in his back pocket. It was funny how he didn’t notice that the strange fuchsia flower had disappeared. It had vanished into thin air.

The phone rang from inside the house. He rushed inside to pick it up. It was a friend of his. They talked for a while about assignments and stuff. Later, he got engrossed in school work and completely forgot about the letter. He only remembered it the following day, when he found an identical letter lying in the exact spot as the previous one. Also, he finally noticed that the flower wasn’t there anymore. This time, he was bothered.



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