Where dreams come to die (Part Four)


“Alright, let me start from the beginning. My life was going as it does, same old stuff, nothing out of the ordinary. Then yesterday, around midnight a very strong gust of wind forced open my window.” She pointed toward a medium sized window in her room. It had hinged glass panes. The left pane had a crack which ran from left to right and then downward some. Her room wasn’t very big. From the window, Gur could see a few lights twinkling in the dark sky. Skyscrapers had started cropping up in their city. She lived in a two-story villa, a few yards from a multi-storeyed society. When they first moved here twelve years ago, the neighborhood was calm. But now, there were too many people living in vertical establishments. Concrete had almost replaced what used to be beautiful shrubbery.

“The window broke and I got startled. As I got up to close it, I saw a man running from the main gate to the street in front. I was scared. What if they were a thief? On looking closer, I saw something wrapped in a paper. I was certain that it was some friend who got a little too creative in surprising me with their gift! It could’ve been you for all I know, although I don’t expect you doing such stuff for me. Anyway, I got out of my room, tiptoed down, opened the main door and looked for my gift. However, there was no gift there. It was gone! Weird!”

She stopped to take a breath. Below, the guests were enjoying free food and drinks. Her parents were busy with them. They knew she was upstairs with a friend and had to come down soon. A cake was waiting to be cut. Some candles were waiting to be blown. Upstairs, a strange story was waiting to unfold.

 “Disappointed, I returned to my room and on my bed, I found a shiny envelope. Now this made me tremble with fear. Someone was surely in my house. Then a thought crossed my mind: what if the person I saw below was only a diversion; someone to distract me as the real thief got inside the house. This was a first for me! There weren’t any options to consider, so I screamed at the top of my voice. I shouted for my parents, who almost immediately got up and came running up to my room. I told them what I’d seen. I told them about the envelope and pointed toward it. But it was gone as well! Double weird!”

“Papa checked the whole house and made sure there was no one there. I was told to be brave, which kinda irritated me since they wouldn’t believe me. Every thriller I have read or watched in my life starts with people not believing the person who has seen shit. I told it to them as well but they laughed! My mother scolded me instead for disturbing her sleep. My father wondered whether to call the carpenter or the glass seller guy for repairing the window.”

Gur seemed to listen patiently but in truth, he could seldom keep up with people talking to him. Most of the time, his attention deviated to the movement of the other person’s lips, their facial features, marks, or anything else. He listened but wasn’t paying much attention; until she told him the next part of her story.



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