Abyss-mal Despicable Crows

There is no light here.
Even if there was any, I wouldn’t know.
For I am blind.
He pushed me into this abyss.
The human who was someone else.
Something else.
This whole time I searched,
for something that didn’t exist,
this whole time it was there – in my right pocket.
If only I had the courage to check!
A thousand ghosts
perished in a place far away, before the fall.
Each of them cried a name as he burned and turned to ashes.
That fire became a beacon of light.
A light that a monster drank.
A light that two lovers searched
before falling apart,
before their fragments turned into despicable ghosts.
The only respite
from that blinding fire
was plucking your eyes.
I summoned a thousand crows to pluck mine out.
It did not hurt.
Nothing does anymore.
Afterall, it was he who made me realize
the futility of love, life, and everything beyond.
He kept staring at me until I blinked.
Somehow, we looked the same.
Somehow, equally inhuman.
Somehow, he was only visible to me.
The broken glass, I try to remember, hurts my pocket all the time.
It is time to tread the path no one chose for me.
It is time to rip the smile off.
It is time to start living in the abyss.
I said before taking a leap.

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