Loving a Loner


Loners are happy in their own little¬†world. They seldom need people for happiness. Without caring for about being presentable, they seem content. Why don’t they crave for validation from society, from other people? The question irks. Old (sometimes tattered) clothes, unkempt hair, shabby appearance, and a carefree attitude to top it all off.¬† The people who revel in solitude are rarely a breed that can be understood by the conventional mind. Oft, the conventional minds do not give a flying fuck about them. Sometimes it bothers, most of the times it does not. Nothing does.

I have been a loner ever since I can remember. It is not as if I am an outcast. People have not shunned me (yet!) and I do have normal conversations. Small talk is a different matter though. I am horrible at it and am equally great at awkward silences. If you are talking to me, I can promise to hold your interest in topics like games, comics, movies, nihilism, the futility of life et al. But as soon as you start talking about something I can’t connect with, my interest will wane. Also, loners (and introverts) can not and will not initiate a conversation. If you are not one, trust me, you should initiate. Because I can guarantee that it will be interesting at the very least.

This post, however, is not about defining characteristics. It is about love. See, the thing is: loners are not actually lonely. Each of us probably has someone or something that keeps us company. Some have music, others have video games, some have

So, loners are not actually lonely. Each of us probably has someone or something that keeps us company. Some have music, others have video games, some have waifus, and so on and so forth. The point I am trying to make is, being a loner is hard, but when you have something/someone to live for, it becomes easier. It actually becomes enjoyable. You feel that you can achieve anything as long as you have the person or the thing you love by your side. But the easier life gets for the loner in question, the harder it is for the loved one. They have to be there and tolerate the tantrums. They have to give love and expect limited communication in return. They have to pour their heart out, only to receive a tepid response. Like a mother with a special needs child. She loves her child, but she can swear to God that it becomes extremely arduous at times.

Love is beautiful. It is the best feeling in the world. But being in love all the time with someone who clings to you without leaving, and expects undivided time and attention all the time can be demanding. We need this undivided attention from you because we are not getting it from anywhere. Even if we tried, no one will care. They have better things to do. Most of them will call us for tech advice and stuff, but they wouldn’t actually want to talk. We are just not interesting or fun enough to them. That is why, because the world doesn’t really care about us, and we don’t care about the world; the people we love become our whole universe. It is not that we don’t care. We just do not know how to express ourselves. We have lived alone for so long, that the conventional ways of talking aren’t there anymore. Yes, we will always stand awkwardly at your parties. Yes, your friends will think of us as weirdos. And yes, you will be disappointed in us and in our lack of expression. But no matter how nonchalant it may seem, we are always caring. You are always on our minds. 24X7X365! You are everything for us, even if we are just a tiny part of your enormous universe.

Thus, here’s to the people who love a loner. Do not let go. It is worth it.


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