First things first, the poems i write have no distinct meaning or theme. I write because i like writing. I am a learner and a hardcore amateur. These are basically a collection of my personal feelings about love, loss, depression, the condition of the society i live in and a lot of random stuff. I like reading. I won’t call myself an avid reader because i feel the more you read others, the more you get influenced. That is completely true in my case because i get swayed a lot. This is also a reason why i deliberately haven’t read much poetry.

Not reading others might be a bad thing because my poems might not necessarily connect, or my writing might get confusing. Do forgive me because all i am, is a learner. It might also be a good thing because it is as original as it can get. From style to structure, nothing in my poems is ‘by the book’. Now, it also doesn’t mean that i am not an educated person. I have read literature in school and am familiar with the elements of writing. I am well read, just not in poetry. I do read fiction voraciously and have read a number of books ranging from Palahniuk to Murakami, King to Ishiguro and even the new age Indian engineers cum writers. (haha, cum writers!)

Whatever i feel, i try to write. It is my humble request that you read the poems and try to find your own meaning in them. My creations are precious to me and i have put all my heart in them.

Once again, i would say that in my mind there was no particular theme for any one of these. The sole purpose of these poems is to make you feel something, anything and if you feel even the slightest of emotions while reading them, i would consider my labor worthy. However, in order to make my vision a little bit clearer, i would try to explain my thoughts in a line or two, before every poem. See if you can relate to it but don’t let it influence your imagination. Getting influenced by others is the worst thing you can do to your creativity and imagination.

Feedback is highly important. If you think the stuff i write is good, please tell me. If you think it is not, please tell me. Even if you think what i write is a stinking piece of crap, do not keep that thought to yourself. Let me know. It would mean a lot.