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Death Seems More Inviting Than Life In Depression

Mind numbing!


One of the things that our culture really tries to discourage is thinking reflection and expression. There has been news about suicide attempts by depressed students, children, women, and men on a broader scale. Such news resurfaces from time to time but fades away real soon because of the magical power of media. Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

“I can’t say exactly when it started, maybe the day when a headache in the shape of a question mark curled itself around my eye and made itself at home. When short, surreal episodes would come and go, like seasons, like I was seeing the world through the bottom of a highball glass. But the moment when I really knew something was wrong was when I couldn’t muster the strength to do regular chores. It got worse. I felt neither ill nor well. Then, – I disintegrated. It was the…

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